The hostname you are connecting from might indicate that you are looking for another website

Click here if you are looking for, Hsing Lo's website

Please make sure you are using the domain names or *, any old domains, like, will only work until December 2021

You might be looking for the website of the NTP pool project. If so, click on this link or add a www. before the domain name

The reason directs you here is because I am hosting an NTP service and a website on the same server. This is just a by-product of how NTP pool is set up. For NTP users: and related domains are valid for NTP service. If you specifically want to get a service from my specific server (located in DigitalOcean NY,) use; DO NOT USE ANY OTHER DOMAIN, THEY ARE CLOUDFLARE PROXIED AND MIGHT MALFUNCTION.

If you're looking for the website of Homeless Solutions, you probably mistyped